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Oh man if only time passed that quickly. Loved that tunnel effect, perfectly simple game you have here. Don't change a thing!

Oh wow, this is cool, I like it, I like it a lot! Very creative! I love how much feedback you manage to give the player with so few elements onscreen, even though there's only one button for interaction. Satisfying. I really like all the sound effects and animations too. Very well used.

Congratulations on your first ever game jam entry! :D This was my second!

Thanks for the kind words! I’ll have to check your game out when I get a chance! :D

Merry Christmas \o/


I got to my birthday :) this game is really fun in a weird way especially because there really isnt a reward or much gameplay :)

Happy Birthday! :P

Dude wtf lol!!! I got to Match 14th

i got to April 2nd

Nice work!